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IPF is an experienced fabricator of corrosion resistant fiberglass products including storage tanks, degasifiers, packed towers, piping, ducting plus a variety of other custom made items. Our FRP fabrications are of the highest quality and exceed current industry and government standards. We fabricate to the following standards. CGSB41-GP-22, ASTM D-3299 and RTP-1 requirements for FRP chemical process equipment.

Premium quality resins with their superior corrosion resistant qualities are incorporated into all of our products. Each FRP fabrication is inspected and tested to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

IPF’s fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) laminates are manufactured with thermosetting polyester or vinylester resins & various types of glass fiber reinforcing. Materials are carefully selected to provide the required strength and chemical resistance that meet specific application requirements.

Process vessels in all shapes and sizes, scrubbers, storage tanks, ducts, hoods, fans, stacks, pipes, industrial waste equipment, mist eliminators, dust collecting equipment, machined parts valve bodies, elevator buckets, heat exchanger shells and tube sheets, floor coatings and tank lining systems are just a few examples of products made of FRP – IPF can design or build to your specifications!

FRP Products Gallery

FRP Tanks

IPF offers a complete range of FRP Tanks. All of our tanks are fabricated in accordance with the custom-contact molding, Canadian Government specification 41-GP-22. Other standards such as RTP-1 have also been incorporated in some applications.

Quality is of utmost concern with FRP. IPF uses only the finest reinforced glass and resins for each project. Our tanks are methodically inspected by our quality control department to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

FRP Tank Gallery

Tank Types

  • Custom Shapes to your specifications
  • Flat Bottom (Open or Closed Top)
  • Flat Bottom, Dished Top
  • Conical Bottom, Flat Top
  • Dished Bottom & Top
  • Sloped Bottom (Open or Closed Top)
  • Conical Bottom & Top
  • Conical Bottom & Dished Top
  • Dished Bottom & Conical Top
  • Horizontal
  • Rectangular or Square Tanks

Tank Accessories

  • Nozzles
  • Support Clips
  • Flanges
  • Platforms & Handrails
  • Manway
  • Sight Glass
  • Ladder & Cages
  • Calibration Gauges
  • Level Indicators
  • Drains & Overflows
  • Insulators

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