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IPF offers custom designed air pollution control systems for a wide range of ventilation applications. Two or three stage IPF wet scrubbers, vertical packed towers or single stage moisture extractors and mist eliminators are employed to remove corrosive fumes, noxious gases and alkali mists from exhausted air streams. All systems & equipment meet regulatory environmental requirements.

Scrubbers, moisture extractors and mist eliminators are fabricated PVC/FRP construction and include spray headers, inspection ports, access doors and differential pressure gauges as standard components.

Fume collection hoods, ductwork, and exhaust stacks are fabricated of PVC or FRP and include all essential dampers, drain outlets, vibration sleeves etc., for effective operation and performance of the system.

We have the knowledge and experience required to help you analyze contaminants, conceptualize a system, specify material and supply & install the complete package – from hood, ducts, stacks, fans and filtering media to liquid circulation systems.


With over 25 years of building quality scrubbers, IPF offers a complete range of horizontal scrubbers designed for optimum removal of contaminate. In addition, we also have the engineering expertise to design & fabricate counter-flow vertical units.

Noxious gasses such as H2s, Nox, HCL, HF, SO2 etc. can be removed from process air streams using IPF Scrubbers.

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Design Features

  • Design limit of 0.015mg/dscm exceeds Environment Canada’s
  • January 2012 requirement (Point Source Method) of 0.03mg/dscm
  • Range in size from 500 CFM – 40,000 CFM
  • All scrubbers are made from corrosion resistant materials such as FRP, PVC, PVDF and polypropylene to ensure long lasting service
  • Optimal gas & liquid rate increase for exceptional removal efficiency
  • Utilizes industry’s most effective packing to insure the greatest mass transfer rate at the lowest pressure drop
  • Long service life

Mist Eliminators

IPF mist eliminators are extremely efficient and have excellent removal efficiencies of mists at low pressure drops. Unlike gas absorption, the separation of mist from air is a physical process.

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Design Features

  • High efficiency
  • Structural integrity
  • High efficiency monofilament packing material to promote higher velocity through media
  • Clear PVC inspection doors
  • Removable Mist Eliminator section
  • Minimum operating cost
  • Long service life

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